Jul 30, 2020

Redux-like architecture with SwiftUI: Basics

Since the beta release of iOS 14 and now that SwiftUI is a little more mature, I have been exploring different architectures that better fit its patterns. After working with React for a while, I got curious about using something similar to Redux on iOS.

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Jul 14, 2020

Launch Screens and the SwiftUI App Life Cycle on iOS 14

I have decided to rewrite Bouncer from scratch using the latest SwiftUI version available in iOS 14. This includes using the new SwiftUI App Lifecycle, which allows you to skip UIKit entirely, alongside the AppDelegate and Storyboards.

As I got closer to finishing the app, I decided to replace the default (white) Splash Screen with something better, but since there was no Storyboard anymore, I had no idea how.

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Jun 26, 2020

Protocols and Combine: Using @Published in your Protocol declaration

The @ObservableObject and @Published property wrappers are the sauce of Combine powered apps. With Combine and SwiftUI, it’s easy to use the @Published wrapper in our ViewModel properties and have the Views automatically update as changes to these happen.

Everything works great until you want to use Protocols to facilitate dependency injection and testing in your Models and ViewModel classes, as we’ve been doing in our regular MVVM apps for the past few years.

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Jun 10, 2020

Mentoring Engineering Interns

So the company decided to run a new internship program, and you are now a mentor for the next batch. That’s good news, but whether you are new to engineering management or have some experience already, mentoring and motivating interns is not an easy task.

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May 21, 2020

The reality virus

It’s a lot of fun to take a peek at improvised home offices set up by reporters, actors, politicians, and people on TV. It adds some sort of warmth and coziness to the news, even if reality is crude and difficult.

On video calls, CEOs are no longer shaving every day, sales VPs join meetings on sweatshirts

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Mar 24, 2020

Do your best work

It’s nice to see everyone trying to help and do something about this virus, but I honestly don’t think we can change much by posting more stuff on social networks.

Now is the time when we need our governments, doctors, and scientists doing their best work ever, so let’s cut the shit, the noise, and the narcissism and let them focus on the job.

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