Oct 11, 2022

Moving out of WordPress

I moved this blog out of WordPress. Don’t get me wrong, I still work at Automattic, but WordPress has too many moving parts for my needs.

Since I don’t need fancy templates, plugins, databases, comments, stats, a store, and much less dealing with security updates, backups, and hosting providers, I wanted to try a static solution.

It made a lot of sense. I could host it on Github pages and forget about security or hosting providers, and my posts would live in beautiful, clean markdown files.

Setting up Jekyll, importing a few posts, migrating my WordPress template to HTML, and connecting the domain took me a couple of hours. Pretty cheap for a super-fast, highly reliable, pure HTML blog, right?

Well, maybe, but I also spent two hours trying to post the above paragraphs from an iPad last night. 🤔

It went like this:

  • Purchase and install a good text editor with Files App support (Textastic).
  • Purchase and install a git client with Files App support (Working Copy).
  • Create a file by hand with a particular name.
  • Copy and paste some config options.
  • Write the post.
  • Add a picture to a folder.
  • Link the image by hand using markdown.
  • Create a git commit and push it to the repository.
  • Notice the attached photo was broken.
  • Remove the image.
  • Create another commit and push it to the repo again.

Pretty rough, huh?

I thought about switching to HEY World for a while, but I don’t want to lose the flexibility (yet), so I guess I’ll not be posting much from the iPad as I figure things out.


I just learned about Netlify CMS, which is serverless, Open Source, plays well with all static site flavors, and may take care of the problem.

Too good to be true? We’ll see.

Photo by Souvik Banerjee on Unsplash