Feb 26

Find yourself some time

There is nothing better than giving yourself time not to do anything so that you can do a bunch of things without obligation.

In the past week, I have read two books, updated two apps, started with a new idea, learned about SwiftUI, wrote two articles,

Feb 24

My iOS development book list

There are thousands of iOS development books flying around. Still, many are outdated, incomplete, or not the best option (not to say mediocre), so whether if you are starting with iOS development or want to improve your skills

Feb 14

Last day at Endava

After two years, today is my last day here. I joined back in March 2018 to lead the Mobile Discipline and later on became Head of Development for the Bogotá Delivery Unit.

As in any other job, there were ups and downs, difficult conversations, decisions


I'm Daniel Bernal. I write iOS apps and lead the Product & Development at Appetit.