Mar 24

Do your best work

It’s nice to see everyone trying to help and do something about this virus, but I honestly don’t think we can change much by posting more stuff on social networks.

Now is the time when we need our governments, doctors, and scientists doing

Mar 18

Stop the shitty marketing

Since the start of the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak in the US, I’m getting a bunch of emails about what you as CXOs are doing in your companies to “save the world from the pandemic,” but honestly, I don’t care.

As long as you and your companies

Mar 17

Life with the iPad Pro

Some time ago, as an experiment, I decided to use an iPad Pro as my primary computing device. Expectations were low, so I kept my laptop in a drawer and gave it a chance for a couple of weeks.

Working on an iPad seemed ingenious and weird, and several people


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