@backDeployed: Could SwiftUI be backward compatible?

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One of the most exciting (yet obscure) changes with iOS 16.4 is the @backDeployed attribute in Swift.

@backDeployed will allow you to mark certain functions or properties as backward-compatible. When using it, the Swift compiler generates code that checks at runtime whether the feature is available on the target device. If not, it will generate fallback code that allows the feature to work as expected on older versions of iOS.

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AI: Convenience Vs. Curiosity

AI blowing us away with its superhuman abilities is cool, but that’s the tip of the iceberg. The real magic of AI, especially in search, is its availability and affordability.

With traditional search engines, you still have to dig and check a few sites before finding what you’re looking for. This helps ensure the source is trustworthy and allows you to explore and form your own opinions. (Not everyone does this, but the option is there.)

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The multiple priorities conundrum

Let’s assume you lead a development team and you’re given the following list of priorities.

Next year’s priorities:

  • Improve app stability
  • Improve app performance
    • Improve app accessibility
    • Update the app’s UI design
    • Remove low-usage features
    • Improve Quality

    Where would you start? — Does that mean you have to do all of that next year? — Is the first item on the list more important than the rest? 

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