Feb 14, 2023

See you on the Duck side

I joined Automattic in 2020 after more than five years in management roles at different consulting companies. Going back to coding full-time was a challenge on its own, but it was also the perfect opportunity to move back to product development and take on the exciting challenge of leading iOS Core at Tumblr.

This has been the best job I’ve had so far. A team spread across 8 time zones, millions of users, vast amounts of information to explore, asynchronous communication, and extreme levels of autonomy are not for everyone, but I felt at home from day one. In that sense, things are not very different from where I’m going.

Today is my last day at Automattic, as next month, I’ll be joining DuckDuckGo’s Engineering team as a Senior Software Engineer (💪 finally!), and I couldn’t be more excited about it.  

See you on the Duck side!

Photo by Dawit on Unsplash